Gláuber Sampaio Designer and developer
based in São Paulo. 🇧🇷
Founder of Creative Doc
& Aprender Design.
Senior Designer at
Accenture Interactive.

Designer and developer
based in São Paulo. 🇧🇷

Currently a Senior Designer
at Accenture Interactive.

Interview for Carta & Carta

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Aprender Design

A personal endeavor. Aprender Design is a brand new and independent design school completely remote in Brazil. The school believes in timeless ideas and concepts about design, ignoring what’s trendy and ephemeral. We seek to be a reference for our generation and the next to come, adapting ourselves to the events that changes the world and Brazil. This project took 7 months of my life. It was an 'end-to-end' project for me: I've built the entire back-end infrastructure with Node.js tech, front-end development with Vue.js as well the brand identity and overall designs.

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Another personal project. I've built this small service where people can schedule 30 minutes of time to talk about anything. I was a little disappointed with the visual quality of Calendly (although it is a great tool), so I decided to build something simpler from the scratch. Developed with Nuxt and Vue.

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The platform for design and tech discussions of Aprender Design. The visual identity and explorations works as an extension of the main brand identity but has its own personality at the same time.

Código & Design

This project is the older brother of Aprender Design. It was a basic front-end development course for designers. The project last 6 months with over 120 designers in Brasil.

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